CNN: Win 2000: New code will demand most applications be rebuilt

Thanks to John Wolley
for this link.

“The mostly new code in Windows 2000 makes it such a different
beast than its NT 4.0 predecessor that corporate developers had
better brace themselves: Most of their existing applications will
have to be rebuilt, or at least revised, to make them

“The issue isn’t the stability of the current Windows 2000 beta.
Even if the code in the final release of Windows 2000 is completely
bug-free, many applications that run on NT 4.0 simply won’t be able
to use the new features, such as Active Directory or COM+,
available in the upgraded operating system.”

“Karan Khanna, Microsoft’s lead product manager for NT Server,
explained that applications that run under NT 4.0 will run under
Windows 2000 if they don’t access the new features.”


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