Community Reacts to Mydoom Virus

Groklaw: Perens on the Virus

“SCO also has a reason to defame us, as part of their
stock-kiting scheme. We have assembled ample evidence that they
have lied under oath in court. Such a company would not balk at
attacking their own site in order to paint their opponents in a bad

“Thus, it is likely that this virus has been assembled for the
purpose of defaming the Linux developers by spammers, SCO, or
others. Your behavior will influence whether or not it succeeds in
this mission…”


eWeek: With Friends Like These, Linux Doesn’t Need Enemies

“Technically, the worm doesn’t do a thing to Linux systems. Like
all important e-mail worms, MyDoom is solidly based on Windows’
inherent security shortcomings. Neither Linux nor Mac systems can
get it.

“No, the problem is that this worm is apparently the product of
some ticked-off Linux fan deciding to get back at SCO. Indeed, some
moronic Linux fans are cheering MyDoom on. ‘Quick, disable your AV
software, and get some Windows boxes on the internet…!'”


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