Computer Bits: World domination by Penguin

Where many users, especially clueless bosses, get confused
is over usability. For some reason they have this notion that any
untrained minion can plonk herself down at a computer and start
cranking out reports, presentations, 3D animations, and beautiful
databases — and everyone lives happily ever after. So they look at
a Microsoft press release that says “Linux hard! No one can use!”,
and refuse to consider alternatives.

“Up here in the real world, we know that using a computer
requires skill and training. Yes, even magic Windows machines. Why
do you think all those MCSEs (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
pay thousands of dollars for training and certification? Because
they get paid big bucks to keep the durn things working.”

“Linux geeks love to debate endlessly whether it is a good
desktop OS. Well duh. It is a fabulous desktop OS. StarOffice is a
lovely office suite, and it reads Word files just fine. Save
StarOffice files as Word files for those poor fools still forced to
use Word. Free.”


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