ComputerWorld: Compaq readies sub-$500 desktop with Win 2K, management features

[ This is the Windows-based system announced in November; no
word on similar systems that may use Linux – see last “related
story” below – LT ed. ]

“Compaq Computer Corp. plans to ship its
long-awaited sub-$500, Universal Serial Bus-based PC at the end of
January, running both Windows 2000 and PC management software that
is designed to make deployment cheaper and easier
[in large
corporate settings].

The $499 iPAQ desktop computers will include new automatic PC
management software agent from Altiris Inc. in Lindon, Utah.”

“iPAQ, announced in November, has a different shape and a sleek,
black-and-silver color scheme, but is mostly important for its
‘legacy-free’ components. That means it comes without a serial or
parallel port or a Peripheral Component Interconnect expansion bus,
using three Universal Serial Bus slots on the rear instead. (iPAQ
will also ship in a separate version that has legacy ports,

“Other large PC makers are planning legacy-free machines,
including Dell Computer Corp., with the Webpc for consumers at
first, IBM with the Edge of Network concept and Hewlett-Packard Co.
with the e-PC concept.”