ComputerWorld: IBM Joins Thin-Client Party

“Keeping with the theme set by other thin-client manufacturers,
IBM this week will unveil a new family of Web-enabled thin

Series 2200 lets end users run Web browsers and Windows NT
inside the device. The other family member, Series 2800, was
designed for multimedia applications, interactive Internet sites
and kiosk environments. Pricing for IBM’s devices will begin at
less than $999. Competitive models from Hewlett-Packard Co. cost
$599 and up.”

“IBM won’t offer Linux as a platform for its new product,
unlike thin clients announced recently by HP and Sun Microsystems
Inc. Instead, it will offer information on how to run Linux
software on the client.

“IBM had 22.1% of the worldwide thin-client market last year,
second to Wyse Technology Inc., which had 31.8%, according to