Computerworld: Open Windows to end the Microsoft legal problem

Thanks to Skip Collins
for this link.

“Let’s say Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson rules that Bill Gates
and company have been bad boys and need to mend their ways — a
likely outcome of the federal trial now under way. Microsoft surely
will challenge that ruling, and its success on appeal will depend
both on the nature of the sanctions and on Jackson’s logic. Both
must be carefully designed to maximize competition while minimally
infringing on Microsoft’s property rights. If Jackson merely rules
that Windows is the dominant software platform, that would be
impossible to refute. And if the sanctions he imposes are designed
solely to limit the power Microsoft wields due to that monopoly, no
appellate court could overturn them.”

“Here’s a simple, effective, easily complied with, easily
monitored and minimally controversial way to do this: Require
Microsoft to publish the source code for its operating systems and
forbid it from requiring vendors to ship its applications — free
or not — with the operating system.”