ConsortiumInfo: Why Ecma? (Part I)

“A year ago, many words were written (including by me) on why
Microsoft may have chosen Ecma to package Microsoft’s Office Open
XML formats as a standard. Now that Ecma has finished that project
and adopted the result, there’s additional data to examine that
sheds some light on that question. That will be my topic today, and
for the next several entries.

“About two weeks ago I wrote a related entry called Ecma
Approves OOXML–What Does it all Mean? In that entry, I tried to
give an even handed overview (admittedly, as I see it) of how the
Ecma approval of Microsoft’s XML formats fits into the grand scheme
of things. The bottom line was that I did not think that the Ecma
action was very significant, given the circumstances under which it
had been achieved…”

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