ConsultingTimes: CodeWeavers/Xandros Deal: “Let the Revolution Begin!”

“Xandros is incorporating customized versions of CodeWeavers’
CrossOver Office and CrossOver Plugin solutions into its
long-awaited Linux distribution, slated for release around the end
of October. This ‘CrossOver for Xandros’ package allows users to
easily install and use critical office programs–most notably
Microsoft Office–directly under Linux, without the need to
purchase a Microsoft Windows license.

“To get a take on what this alliance means for the future of the
Linux desktop, ConsultingTimes contacted Jeremy White, CodeWeavers’
founder and CEO. What resulted was a fascinating and wide-ranging
discussion on a number of questions, including ‘What will Microsoft
do to retaliate?’

CT: What is the significance of your
forthcoming Xandros announcement?

JW: It really marks the start of the first
Windows-compatible Linux operating system. What that marks to me is
the start of a time when consumers have choice–where there is real
competition in the marketplace. Right now–all Linux religious
zealotry aside–folks are pretty much forced into buying Windows.
They have to–their kids games won’t run unless it’s Windows. So
what we’re seeing is what I feel is the beginning of the
revolution. The beginning of the cracking of that ninety-five
percent market share…”

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