Corel.com: Corel is currently looking for beta testers for the upcoming Corel® Linux® operating system

[ Thanks to JRM
for this link. ]

“Corel LINUX is a Linux distribution specifically designed for
desktop computer users. It is based on Debian, one of the world’s
most respected distributions and includes the award-winning K
Desktop Environment (KDE) as well as new applications and
enhancements from Corel.”

“It has everything one would expect from a Linux distribution
and also includes new configuration utilities, a new file manager
for easier connection to Windows® and Linux networks, and a new
package manager.”

Corel is looking for beta testers with a wide range of
experience, but only those with at least some experience using and
configuring Linux systems will be considered.
The ability to
test the Samba networking facilities of Corel LINUX would be
beneficial but is not required for all testers. We are also looking
for people who can test Corel LINUX in a Web server/FTP server
environment. Experience with Debian or KDE is also an asset but not