Create Bash Aliases For Faster Terminal Commands In Linux

“In Linux, a great deal can be accomplished via the Terminal, a
powerful, text-based interface to a great number of programs and
tools. Beyond simple things, such as package management (via
apt-get, dpkg and other utilities), it can interface with ftp
programs, be used to launch your other programs such as word
processors and web browsers, and convert your music, documents and
ebooks to different formats.

Of course, some of the commands used (such as the command to add
a drop shadow to an image as described in this article), are quite
long, and probably not very easy to remember. In the aforementioned
article we showed how to add a command to a user’s .bashrc file so
it was easy to call up. In this article we’ll show something
similar: we’ll create aliases for common, everyday commands that
allow you to call them up with just a few keyboard strokes.

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