CRN: Transmeta To Lift Cone Of Silence ON Crusoe Processor

“Five years in the making, the highly-secretive Transmeta Corp.
finally will divulge next week its family of software-based smart
Crusoe processors for mobile devices.”

“The Santa Clara-based company, which plans to detail its
RISC-based Crusoe line Jan. 19, is expected to unveil patented
dynamic translation technology that can run Intel x86 code, or
almost any operating system and application code, though an
emulation technique, sources close to the company said. Crusoe,
with its built-in software, will convert applications from any
platform,including X86 Intel-based Windows applications,to run on
low-power and small form-factor devices….”

If Transmeta has something unique, there is room for new
competition, but they will have stiff competition from the
PalmPilot,” said Larry Leffler, president of VAR Computer Concepts
Inc., San Diego. “Connectivity between applications will be