Cygnus Solutions and Fujitsu Microelectronics Partner to Deliver eCos for Fujitsu’s SPARClite Family of Microprocessors

eCos – Powerful Open-Source RTOS Continues to Gain Popularity as
the Premier Choice for Emerging Embedded Products

Cygnus(R) Solutions today announced that it has partnered with
Fujitsu Microelectronics to deliver its open-source, royalty-free,
application-specific eCos(TM) (Embedded Cygnus Operating System) on
Fujitsu’s SPARC(1)lite family of microprocessors. This new
combination of Cygnus software and Fujitsu microprocessors is ideal
for developing a diverse range of network communications and
PC/computing applications such as multi-function peripherals and
digital cameras.

“eCos, coupled with the Fujitsu line of embedded
microprocessors, provides our developers with a powerful and
complete hardware, development, and run-time system out of the
box,” said M. Somasundarum, Vice President for Strategic Software
and Systems at Fujitsu. “The application-specific and configuration
capabilities of eCos, combined with Cygnus GNUPro software
development technologies, provides an ideal match for the high
volume, deeply embedded and diverse range of products that feature
Fujitsu microprocessors.”

“We are pleased with Fujitsu’s decision to work with us to make
eCos available on Fujitsu’s SPARClite microprocessors,” said Alex
Daly, president and CEO of Cygnus. “Our partnership with Fujitsu
marks further evidence of the power of the open-source software
model and further endorsement of eCos from microprocessor

eCos enables embedded systems companies to deliver their
products to market faster, while at the same time freeing up their
valuable software engineering resources to develop a wider variety
of value-added features. Based on the open-source software model,
eCos eliminates run-time royalties and provides maximum control for
embedded product companies.

Embedded SPARC Microprocessors

With the SPARClite series of embedded RISC processors, Fujitsu
empowers exciting network communications and PC/computing
applications over the full range of performance and costs. This
makes SPARClite solutions ideal for uses in everything from hubs,
routers, bridges, and ATM switches to laser printers, scanners, and
multi-function peripherals.

Fujitsu’s SPARClite 32-bit product family offers a wide variety
of SPARC processors — from 66 MHz to 200 MHz — providing
customers around the world with exceptional design performance and
flexibility. Today, Fujitsu commands over 40 percent of the digital
camera market, with SPARClite designed into more than 20 digital
cameras from industry leaders.

eCos Solution

eCos (Embedded Cygnus Operating System) is an open-source,
royalty-free, highly configurable, application-specific operating
system ideal for embedded systems software development. eCos is a
complete embedded run-time solution entirely based on open-source
that is targeted at high-volume usage in consumer electronics,
telecommunications, automotive, and other deeply embedded products.
eCos ensures embedded developers have a common software
infrastructure for delivering a diverse range of embedded products,
and enables embedded software developers to focus on delivering
better products instead of developing, maintaining, or configuring
a real-time operating system for each project.


eCos for Fujitsu’s SPARClite series will be available from
Cygnus in the first quarter of 1999. Currently, eCos is immediately
and freely available as open-source code for the Matsushita MN
10300, Toshiba TX-39, and Motorola PowerPC(1) (beta level) at
and includes kernel components, uITRON configuration, ISO C and
math libraries, eCos simulation environment, and device drivers.
Pre-built and tested eCos software and tools, as well as support
and engineering services, are available through the eCos Partner
Program. For more information, contact a Cygnus sales
representative or Cygnus corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale,
Calif., at 1-800-CYGNUS1, 1-408-542-9600, [email protected], or visit
the Web site at http://www.cygnus.com/ecos.

Cygnus Solutions

The market leader in open-source software development
technologies for computing applications, Cygnus(R) Solutions offers
build-time and run-time solutions based on an open-source model.
From GNUPro(R) Toolkit to eCos(TM), the Embedded Cygnus Operating
System, Cygnus’ open-source and royalty-free software benefits
system developers in a wide variety of market segments, including
consumer electronics, Internet, telecommunications, office
automation, networking, aerospace and automotive. Cygnus’ products,
custom-engineering services, and world-class support services
enable developers to bring products to market faster at reduced
system development costs.

Founded in 1989, with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California,
Cygnus Solutions has sales and engineering offices throughout North
America, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

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