Debian’s developer dilemma: Why Debian should vote “yes”

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“It takes all kinds to put together a Linux
distribution or any open source project. Historically, though,
Debian has only given full privileges to those contributors who
have a developer bent. Is the project ready to recognize more

“The Debian project is, in many ways, a model example of how an
open source project should be run. Its Social Contract, Free
Software Guidelines (DFSG), and Constitution have served the
project well and influenced many other substantial FOSS projects
when it comes to project governance.

“But voting rights are restricted to developers, or at least
that’s the impression most people get when looking through the
process to become a Debian Developer. It’s not that the project
explicitly disallows non-developers membership, it’s that the path
to becoming a voting member (Debian Developer) is practically
hard-coded to require a contributor to maintain packages or do some
kind of development. Debian Project Leader Stefano Zacchiroli put
forward a General Resolution to welcome non-packaging contributors
to Debian. A similar proposal came up in 2008, but was tabled for
further discussion.”

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