DesktopLinux.com: Interview with theKompany CEO Shawn Gordon

RL: What is your vision of the future of
Desktop Linux?

Gordon: I’ve been saying since we started in
mid-1999 that we were one MS Windows upgrade away from a major
paradigm shift, and Windows XP is going to be a big help for us. A
recent article in Computer Weekly Magazine, stated that all new and
where possible existing British Government projects must be based
on Open Source Software. Also, it went on to say that if
proprietary products have to be used then the time between upgrades
is to be increased from 2 years to 4 years. The EU is looking at
dropping Microsoft altogether from the vendor list in view of its
anti-trust proceeding. Therefore, I would say Linux on the Desktop
is on the increase at this moment at least in the UK and

With that said, I think you have to distinguish between home
desktop and “corporate” desktop (for want of a better term); the
latter splits into “general purpose” and “bespoke” . . .”


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