DesktopLinux.com interviews Redmond Linux CEO

RL: What is *unique* about Redmond Linux? i.e.,
how does it differ from other popular distributions such as, for
example, Red Hat, SuSE, and Mandrake?

Cheek: We cater to Windows users in a way that will help them to
feel at ease while using Redmond Linux. We offer to help them ease
slowly and relatively painlessly into Linux, and are willing to
hold their hands when needed. We have task-oriented menus, and we
include only one program for a specific task — no more four
different text editors and five different media players and seven
different web browsers and nine different window managers, and so
on. Our installer is slimmed down and made easier, as is our entire
product. It’s made consistent and easy to use. We include things a
Windows user is accustomed to, such as a “my Linux system” for
accessing peripheral devices, a floppy and CD and DVD automounter,
a network browser similar to Windows’ network neighborhood, a
personal files area for management of documents, and so


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