developerWorks: Implement Bayesian Inference Using PHP, Part 1

“Bayesian inference techniques have been widely used in
developing various types of Artifical Intelligence (AI) systems
(for instance for text retrieval, classification, medical
diagnosis, data mining, troubleshooting, and more), so this article
series will be of interest to anyone interested in building
intelligent Web applications.

“In this article, I will introduce some of the basic
mathematical concepts and notations you need to know in order to
appreciate Bayesian inference. I will also demonstrate how you can
implement conditional probability and Bayes theorem calculations
using PHP, and how these calculations can be used to build an
online medical diagnosis wizard.

“In the next two articles, I will also explore the application
of Bayesian inference to the design and analysis of Web surveys.
This article lays some of the groundwork necessary for
understanding this advanced application of Bayesian inference

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