DevX.com: Welcome the Ides of March [and Linux Development Zone]

[ Thanks to Mr T
for this link. ]

“Last week was a milestone of sorts for DevX. We launched
the Linux Development Zone
, which coincided nicely with
ApacheCon 2000 in Orlando, Florida. News of this zone may come as a
surprise to those readers who sometimes chide us for what they
perceive to be our Microsoft bias, but to us it’s just natural
evolution. DevX has always helped developers do their jobs better
and grow their skills. Many of those programmers are eschewing the
Microsoft solution in favor of solutions offered by the Open Source
community. Others simply believe that knowing Linux is a smart
career move.”

“Why should you care about Open Source? For starters, free is
nice. But the biggest advantage to using Open Source software is
that if it doesn’t do exactly what you need it to do, you can make
it do what you want. You also can’t beat a peer review process that
involves thousands of programmers around the world. It’s like a
24/7 help desk that’s free and speaks your language. For many
people, those global eyes ensure a product that’s inevitably safer
than the perceived ‘industry standard.’ “

“It’s also a good sign of faith for DevX to practice what it
preaches. The Linux Zone doesn’t run Microsoft IIS on Windows NT,
as our other zones do. It sits on a Cobalt Networks RaQ 3i
running Apache Server 1.3.6 on Linux.
If you don’t believe me,
just go ahead and ping us on Netcraft. This may be a milestone for
us yet.”