DistroWatch: Distributions, October 31, 2004


“Added Ugunsvarti – firewall/router; added gkdial and ppp –
dial-up support; added vsftpd – ftp server; removed axyftp, added
gFTP; updated Nmap, X.Org, cdrecord and some libs; removed Gyach,
xwhois; updated kernel (2.6.9)…”


Turbolinux 10 Server

“Turbolinux will release three packages of 10 Server for the
Japanese market only starting on October 29, 2004: Turbolinux 10
Server for US$360.00 includes 90-day unlimited installation e-mail
support; Turbolinux 10 Server, with support, for US$890.00 includes
one-year unlimited installation and configuration support; and
Turbolinux 10 Server, Developer Edition, for US$89.00 includes
90-day unlimited e-mail support, though new user creation and user
password modification are not available with this option…”


Slo-Tech Linux 2.1

“A new version of Slo-Tech Linux, an easy-to-use Slovenian live
CD based on Morphix, has been released. Version 2.1 comes in two
variants – with either kernel 2.4 or 2.6. It also includes KDE
3.3.0, Firefox 0.10.1, Evolution 2.0.2, Gaim 1.0.2, Xchat 2.4.0,
and other popular applications…”


gnuLinEx 2004 Live

“A “live CD” edition of gnuLinEx 2004 is now available. All bugs
reported by beta testers have been fixed and several new
applications have been included – that’s according to the release
announcement (in Spanish)…”


LinEspa 0.21

“The LinEspa distribution, a Spanish live CD with XFce, has been
updated to version 0.21. ‘Version 0.21 of LinEspa has been
released. The ISO image has been zipped so that its download size
is only about one third of the complete ISO image…'”