Dlite v0.03 — Debian Lite distributon

Mark Constable writes:

Dlite v0.03 is small sub-set of the Debian GNU/Linux binary packages
most suited to ISPs needing a small but powerful operating system.
The distribution will always be less than 100 Mb so it's possible
to maintain a mirror on every host ready for any situation, from
emergency rebuild through to regular maintenance updates.

A singular sub-set of packages cannot be all things to all people but by having one consistent base-line reference of the most commonly used packages readily available and widely used, therefor tested, it can assist smaller startup Linux based ISP tech people to get on with managing their clients rather than just the system.
So far, it comprises one main perl script to fetch just the required latest version of each package from any upstream ftp site. The packages are broken up into sets which are controlled by plain text lists of wildcarded package names. Simply add the exact packages wanted and they are the only ones mirrored. A simple functionality that is not easily or readily available eslewhere, hence Dlite.
This is a fledgling project so any suggestion are most welcome.
mailto:[email protected]
- --markc