Drobe: Should RISC OS be Open Sourced?

[ Thanks to Jason
for this link. ]

“The debate over whether or not RISC OS should be open sourced
took another turn this week when Peter Naulls argued that ‘certain
parts’ of the OS could be released under an open source licence.
The State-side coder behind various ports including Firefox said
this would ideally include ‘crucial parts that affect all users,
even if they don’t realise it, parts that can be created from
scratch and made much better than the Acorn original, and parts
which can managed by specific developers who already understand
them well.’

“Open source RISC OSPeter gave SharedCLibrary as an example.
This is a critical component in the OS, as it provides basic,
standard functionality to applications typically written in C,
which is a popular language on RISC OS…”