Drupal 8 CMS Starts to Take Shape

“After three years of development, the open source Drupal 7
content management system debuted earlier this year. Drupal
developers aren’t resting on their laurels and are now beginning to
plan for Drupal 8.

“Speaking at that annual DrupalCon conference this week, Drupal
founder Dries Buytaert detailed what lessons were learned in the
Drupal 7 development process and how those lessons will be applied
to Drupal 8. Drupal is among the most popular open source content
management systems in use today and is used by Whitehouse.gov,
Mozilla and NASA, among others.

“Buytaert noted that the Drupal 7 release process extended far
beyond its initial expected timeframe of 18 months. Among the
biggest challenges that Drupal developers faced while building
Drupal 7 were a large number of critical bugs which took a
significant time to fix”

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