DukeOfURL: Best Linux 2000 R3 [Review]

[ Thanks to Patrick
for this link. ]

“Best Linux is a product of SOT Finnish Software Engineering
Ltd. Originally, Best Linux was a project started by SOT to bring
Linux to Finland, increase its popularity in Finland, and translate
it into Finnish. SOT based the project on the popular Red Hat 6.2
distribution. The result? They ended up with the most popular
distribution of Linux in Finland, home of Linus Torvalds –
developer and creator of the Linux kernel. A large part of that
popularity was due to their creation of a localized version of
Linux, one that was based on an already popular distribution.”

“Since that time, Best Linux has moved to international
circles by providing a distribution that supports several
languages: Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, German,
French and Estonian. While the addition of these languages to Linux
is important, one must ask, what else has Best Linux done to
differentiate itself from other distributions, specifically Red


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