DWF Files – A Challenge to You!

[ Thanks to Ricardo
for this link. ]

“I challenge you to program a Open-Source DWF file

“I love Computing and Linux in particular, I even know some C++,
Basic, Fortran Pascal, VBasic and Gambas, but beside “Hello
World!”, I’m rusty, very rusty….. Y

“esterday after upgrading my Ubuntu desktop to 10.10 on
5/10/2010 (Establish of Portuguese Republic, National Holiday), I
took a look at Ubuntu new software center and went to – Science –
Engineering, and as usual, a couple Math programs, a dozen
electrical simulators/ designers, etc, etc… So I thought, what
the hell…. There are only programs useful for Electrical

“Why is that??? Easy, Electrical Engineering courses have a
great component of computer science and programming, that why this
engineering side has such nice software…..”

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