E-Commerce Times: Allaire Accelerates E-Commerce Linux Strategy

“Web application platform vendor Allaire Corp. (Nasdaq: ALLR)
moved to accelerate its e-commerce strategy this week by striking a
strategic partnership with MERANT (Nasdaq: MRNT) to deliver data
access and integration applications to its fledgling ColdFusion
cross-platform Web application server product for Linux….”

“Allaire released ColdFusion 4.5 for Linux, featuring Java
integration, service-level failover and enhanced XML support for
business-to-business e-commerce, in the fall of 1999. Allaire has
said that the product, which was designed to be a platform for
creating e-commerce and enterprise systems, was one of the first
commercial application servers for Linux….”

As Allaire customers move into high-end global 2000
projects, they are demanding the same robust feature set on Linux
that they expect with any other Web application development
,” stated Jack Lull, vice president of development for