EE Times: Year-2000 crisis, Linux fuel hot software job market

“Here’s a dilemma for software engineers: Do you try to ride Y2k
mania through the end of the year? Or do you choose more permanent

“But if you prefer the little guy, consider Linux. The
underground OS has been steadily eroding Windows’ domination of the
corporate and government market, and programmers with Linux skills
are in demand. Red Hat, the North Carolina-based nerve center for
Linux distribution, has an opening for a tech-support

“Other Linux-friendly companies include VMware, Oracle, Sybase
and Dell. Vmware (Palo Alto, Calif.), is looking for a BSCS or BSCE
with two years’ experience in Windows or Motif for Linux platforms
to do user-interface design and implementation. Oracle has nearly
450 jobs worldwide, including many programming and applications
posts. Sybase has about 10 openings in California, Colorado and
Ontario for development and infrastructure programmers.”