eOn Web Center Software Suite Customer Communication Manager

The eOn Web Center Software Suite, formerly offered as part of
the Queue and eNterprise communications servers from eOn
Communications, will now be available separately for standard
Linux-based server platforms. The suite consists of tools that help
E-Businesses manage the flow of customer service communications;
include E-Mail queueing, Web callback, and Web chat features.

The E-Mail Queueing feature allows businesses to sort and
prioritize inbound E-Mails from clients. E-Mails can be routed to
qualified representatives based on business defined rules, such as
tracking numbers or time of day. Representatives can then respond
to the queries with their own information, predefined standard
responses, or auto responders.

The Web Callback feature allows users to click a button on the
company’s Web site and request a return call from a representative.
The return call can be scheduled for an immediate response, or the
user can define a preferred time for a later response.

The Web Chat feature allows users to click a button on the Web
site and initiate a live text chat session with an online
representative. Again, the representative chosen for the chat
session is based on business defined rules. The Web Chat feature is
not expected to be available until April.

For pricing and availability information, contact eOn Communications.

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