Evaluating Open Source Participation by Email Traffic

“Dalibor Topic was the one to give me this idea, though I’m not
sure if he’d remember the tweet. He was, however, the one who
pointed me at MarkMail’s archive of open source list traffic, which
I’d seen before, using a by domain constraint, which I hadn’t. The
idea is simple: MarkMail maintains a searchable index of the
mailing lists for a number of open source projects (these,
specifically). As a means of demonstrating the value of its
MarkLogic Server, it parses the individual messages into XML and
renders them queryable according to specific dimensions.

“Given this ability, I thought it would be interesting to see
what we might learn by examining – and in some cases
comparing – general participation by domain. While this is
not intended to be a comprehensive or authoritative statement on
actual levels of engagement, the datapoints are interesting if
nothing else. You can replicate these queries at MarkMail yourself
using the “type:development from:domain.com” syntax. I’ve chosen
development rather than commits because I wanted a broader sense of
engagement than putbacks, but the latter would be interesting to
study as well.

“Before proceeding, a few caveats: