Evolution of a Linux Geek

“That isn’t that strange. A lot of people back then started with
them. It is the next part that put me on the path to unusual.
Namely, my second computer was an Atari 1040ST. This revolutionary
device had a mouse and a graphical interface while Micrsoft was
still grappling with DOS. I had two versions of it. That is the
computer I actually learned to program on. I can still remember
trying to save up money to buy a C compiler for it. I just stuck
with GFA Basic – which was pretty full featured considering it had
a GUI builder included.

“This computer basically lasted me until I went to college 1993.
As a result, I had very limited exposure to Microsoft, DOS, or
Windows. I did use it a little – mostly because I had a friend who
worked in a computer shop and he introduced me to Sierra Games and
Commander Keen. We would go to my father’s office at night and play
games on the secretary’s computer.

“When it came time to go to college – I headed off to Texas with
a lot of stuff – but no computer. Hard to believe now.”

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