eWeek: Next Up: Linux Desktop

“Andrew Morton, Linus Torvalds’ right-hand man and the
maintainer of the 2.6 kernel, will not be attending the LinuxWorld
conference in New York this week, but he did speak with Senior
Editor Peter Galli about the recent 2.6 kernel release and his
vision for Linux.

What will the buzz be around Linux in 2004, from your

“It will be around the desktop. We are very interested in that.
The Sun [Microsystems Inc.] desktop [Java Desktop System] makes
sense and is a good innovation. The OSDL [Open Source Development
Lab] is also doing work with some of our partners around the
desktop. Novell [Inc.] also now has Ximian, so that is all looking
good and promising. There are also a lot of desktop applications
that do not require the whole mobile professional business suite.
Things like kiosk applications, point-of-sale applications and more
embedded applications. I think that’s another entry point for Linux
on the desktop…”


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