Ext2: Review: Eric’s Ultimate Solitare

[ Thanks to Rob
for this link. ]

Fancy yourself at solitare? Think that it’s only one card
game? Think again… Loki’s latest port to the linux family, Eric’s
Ultimate Solitare, comes jam-packed to settle that thought.

Pull up a seat, deal the cards and find out more about this
upcoming release.”

“You’d be forgiven if you thought that solitare was a card game
that needs only one player. I must admit, the first thing that
sprung to my mind when I heard solitare was the bland,
“kills-5-minutes” game thats been on windows for years now. Incase
you *did* think like that (but of course you didn’t 😛 ) solitare
is not just one card game. Moreso, it’s a family or collection of
various games, including Alisa, Klondike, and Yukon. EUS has all
these and many more, all together to make yet another package
wrapped by the aspiring Linux gaming company, Loki Entertainment
Software. And don’t forget the wacky weasel mascot.”