FairfaxIT: Call for ban on Web software availability

“ATTORNEY General Janet Reno, long-known for her opposition
to the export of strong encryption products, has called for an
outright ban of the distribution of such software via the

“The German magazine Telepolis printed what it said was a letter
Reno sent last May to German Federal Secretary of Justice Herta
Daeubler-Gmelin. The letter calls for the addressing of “risks
posed by electronic distribution of encryption software”.”

“‘Although the Wassenaar Nations have now reached agreement to
control the distribution of mass market encryption software of
certain cryptographic strength,” Reno wrote, “some Wassenaar
Nations continue not to control encryption software that is
distributed over the Internet, either because the software is in
the `public domain’ or because those nations do not control
distribution of intangible items.'”

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