Fedora–Not That One–Provides Platform for Interoperability

“There’s a wealth of information stored in online collaborative
services like YouTube, Flickr, and Wikipedia, but are these Web 2.0
services built to facilitate sharing their content across their
individual boundaries? A group of academicians at Cornell
University argue that this new wave of applications should be
constructed with interoperability in mind. The result of their
research, funded by DARPA and NSF, is Fedora, the Flexible
Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture. The project was
recently awarded a $4.9M grant by the Gordon and Betty Moore
Foundation to expand the functionality of its software

“As per the proposal document, ‘the overall outcome for the
Fedora Commons proposal is to enable the organizational and
technical frameworks necessary for sustainable open source software
to support revolutionary change in how scientists, scholars, and
educators produce and share their intellectual outputs, and ensure
the integrity and longevity of information…'”


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