FFmpeg 5.0 “Lorentz” Released with New Encoders, Decoders, Muxers, and More

Coming about nine months after the release of FFmpeg 4.4 “Rao”, FFmpeg 5.0 “Lorentz” is here to introduce several new encoders and decoders, such as the ADPCM IMA Westwood encoder, ADPCM IMA Acorn Replay decoder, Apple Graphics (SMC) encoder, MSN Siren decoder, GEM Raster image decoder, speex decoder, bitpacked encoder, as well as VideoToolbox ProRes encoder.

New muxer and demuxers are present as well in this major release, including the AV1 Low overhead bitstream format muxer, Argonaut Games CVG demuxer, Argonaut Games CVG muxer, Westwood AUD muxer, and an experimental IMF demuxer.