Firebird 2.5 Introduces New Audit Features and Improved Scalability

[ Thanks to Popa Adrian
for this link. ]

“The Firebird Project today announces Firebird 2.5, the
fifth and newest major release of its open source relational
database management system. Enhancements in this new release are
pitched at better serving the needs of businesses of any scale,
from embedded device to enterprise resource planning solutions.

“Philippe Makowski, President of the non-profit Firebird
Foundation observes that the Firebird 2.5 release is a very
important step in Firebird’s 10th anniversary year, not just for
the Firebird Project but for the whole open-source world, too.

“”Today businesses all around the world are looking for mature,
cost-effective solutions and Firebird 2.5 offers them a solution
that is truly powerful and truly free”, he noted.

“The mix of high performance, small footprint, supreme
scalability, silent and simple installation and royalty-free
deployment make Firebird a highly attractive choice for all types
of software developers and vendors. Firebird deployments are well
established around the globe, serving data to hundreds of thousands
of business systems with hundreds of users and databases exceeding

“Known Firebird installations number more than 2,000 each day,
according to download statistics.

“”Many of our customers have Firebird databases with sizes from
200GB to 400GB and they keep growing”, said Stewart Spink, CTO of
Watermark Software. “The performance improvements in Firebird 2.5
will ensure that their future demands will be satisfied