First look: Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko mobile platform and Gaia UI

“Mozilla launched a new project last year called Boot2Gecko
(B2G) with the aim of developing a mobile operating system. The
platform’s user interface and application stack will be built
entirely with standards-based Web technologies and will run on top
of Gecko, the HTML rendering engine used in the Firefox Web
browser. The B2G project has advanced at a rapid pace this year and
the platform is beginning to take shape.

The B2G team at Mozilla is preparing to give a demo of the
platform’s user experience at the upcoming Mobile World Congress
(MWC) event. Mozilla’s Brendan Eich told us via Twitter that the
B2G project has already attracted partners, including one that is
developing its own custom home screen. This suggests that multiple
parties, possibly hardware vendors, are interested in adopting the

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