FlightGear 0.7.2 flight simulator

The Flight Gear Flight Simulator project is a free, open-source,
multi-platform, cooperative flight sim development project. Source
code for the entire project is available and licensed under the

Flight Gear version 0.7.2 is now available for download. This
new version also requires you to download version 0.7.2 of the base

For more information, please visit the Flight Gear web page


Here is a summary of the changes for version 0.7.2:

  • Lots of code reorganizations
  • Build requires plib-1.1.x
  • Build requires SimGear-0.0.x (Available in the same place as
    the FlightGear source)
  • LaRCsim/c172 is now the default aircraft model.
  • Added flaps support to control model.
  • Lots of updates and tweaks for the LaRCsim/c172 model.
  • Use a more standard texture/blend mode combination for sun/moon
    halos to avoid render path that’s not supported by all
  • Change reported speed on hud from V_equiv_kts to
  • Instrument panel rewrite by David Megginson. This isn’t quite
    as flashy as the first pass, but is much more functional, plays
    much better with opengl, and it should be relatively easy for
    someone with graphical skills to make it look more spiffy.
  • MacOS fixes contributed by Darrell Walisser.
  • Many JSBsim updates.
  • Added a screen snapshot facility (F3).
  • Added a load/save state function contributed by David
  • Added support for various I/O protocols and channels so that
    flightgear can communicate with itself and other programs through a
    variety of means.
  • Bug fix: The aircraft model used for external views was being
    included in the height above terrain check so when the view
    position and the aircraft model collided the current altitude kept
    getting pushed up to compensate, but of course the aircraft model
    would get pushed up as well because it tracks the current aircraft
    position and orientation. Thus you had a never ending cycle
  • Oliver’s multiplayer network code now moved to his own
    subdirectory: NetworkOLK
  • Added simulated cloud puffs as we pass through the cloud
  • Cleaned up some memory leaks occuring between ssg and
  • Update to Christian’s weather data base code.



Curtis Olson University of MN, ME Dept. Flight Gear Project
Twin Cities [email protected] [email protected]
Minnesota http://www.menet.umn.edu/~curt http://www.flightgear.org