Forbes: Battle Over The Look And Feel Of Linux

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for this link. ]

“The battle involves two graphical user interfaces called Gnome
and KDE. Both aspire to look and feel like a combination between
Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT) Windows and the Apple (nasdaq: AAPL)
Macintosh. But as yet, both Gnome and KDE fall short of the mark,
making users resort to arcane keyboard commands to get the most out
of Linux. As a result, despite catching on big as an operating
system for networks, Linux has failed to win favor with

“That could be about to change. A well-heeled Silicon Valley
startup called Eazel has thrown its weight behind Gnome, and the
combination could soon produce a graphical interface that’s snazzy
and user friendly enough to lift Linux into the big leagues. It
could also make Gnome the de facto standard for Linux, relegating
KDE to also-ran status….”

Why did Eazel choose Gnome over KDE, which at this point
has more adherents? “Both of them are great pieces of work,” says
Boich. “But Gnome has architectural features that give it a bigger
future in our estimation.