FOSDEM Interview: Roger Butenuth

[ Thanks to Alain
for this link. ]

FOSDEM – How and when did you start being
involved in BRASS ?

Roger Butenuth – The BRASS project started in
1998/1999: My former girlfriend (now my wife) wanted to use the
internet, which was not possible with MS-DOS. Searching the
internet I found a program for braille output: brltty. Other
solutions (Emacsspeak, Speakup) for speech did exist, but there was
no program with speech and braille support. My first attempt was to
add speech support for brass, but the code looked too confusing to
me, so the first step was a complete refactoring of the brltty
kernel. Currently only the low level part of the braille interface
code is still the same as in brltty…”


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