Free as in Freedom: Episode 0x08: Strictly Commercial (oggcast)

“Bradley and Karen discuss non-commercial-only commons licenses,
particularly the CC-By-NC license, and how they compare to Free
Culture and Free Software licenses, and why some authors pick NC
licenses instead of Free Culture/Software ones.

“This show was released on Tuesday 1 February 2011; its running
time is 00:49:32.
Show Notes
Segment 0 (00:36)

* Listeners seeking a show on how to select a Free Software
license, differences between copyleft and non-copyleft, and how
they interact with copyright are encouraged to listen to episode
0x08 of the old Software Freedom Law Show which covered these
topics. Please write in again if that show doesn’t cover your
questions on the issue. (02:10)
* Bradley reminisced about the crass “Brian and O’Brien” show on
Baltimore’s B-104 Gary Huddles who was notorious locally in
Baltimore because he was implicated in Maryland’s version of the
1980s Savings and Loan scandals. (03:30)
* Karen mentioned that freedomdefined.org is the source for the
Free Culture definition that defines what licenses are Free Culture
licenses. (12:54)
* Bradley suggested listening to some of the old versions of RMS’
Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks. In fact,
there is an audio recording of the one at MIT on 19 April 2001 that
Bradley attended, and an audio recording of the one that Bradley
heard at Cardozo Law School. There is audio of the Q&A session,
wherein RMS engages in that discussion Bradley mentioned with Free
Culture activists. (10:10, 14:04)”

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