Free ENTERPRISE WEB based Alphanumeric/Digital Paging software

Thanks to Jerry Geis
for this link.

MessageNet Systems announces a free beta of its popular
commercial WEB based Alphanumeric/Digital paging engine called
Silent Messenger.

Silent Messenger runs as a CGI under the Apache WEB server that comes
with Linux Slackware and RedHat distributions.

Features include:
* Communicates to any number of paging providers by TAP, SNPP protocols
* Works under Netscape 4.0+ and Explorer 4.01+
* Documentation of all pages sent and received
* Eliminates need for users to know PIN numbers, simply click the users name
* group paging
* paging authorization lists
* pager forwarding
* scheduled paging
* Automatic return paging
* reply to pages capability
* API's for interface with other systems
* Enterprise Alphanumeric Paging
* Eliminates need and cost for each user to have a modem
  and analog phone line to do alphanumeric paging
* Visual Intercom via electronic message signs (LED's)

In use by clients such as Toyota, Virginia Tech,
Purdue University, Union Pacific Resourses and others.

Please look at http://www.pagestation.com/smparts.htm.
There you will find information on Silent Messenger and
the link for downloading.

Jerry Geis
MessageNet Systems
[email protected]