Free Software Magazine: Debian and the Creative Commons

” feel I must finally post something, since the 2nd half of the
‘Spirit…’ essay is turning into the second 9/10ths and I’ve been
very, very occupied with other problems, mostly work, but also
trying to mediate between Debian and Creative Commons (I’m a fan of
both) over the fate of the CCPLv3 (the CC-By and CC-By-SA
licenses–in this article whenever I’m not specific, I am referring
to these two licenses, and none of the other modules such as NC and
ND, which are obviously ‘non-free’).

“I myself have flip-flopped a couple of times on this issue. The
inventors of TPM (‘technological protection measures’) also known
as DRM (‘digital rights management’ or ‘digital restrictions
management’ as Richard Stallman has dubbed it) must be laughing at
their cleverness now. The issue has stressed some of the key
fracture lines in the free software and free culture

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