Free Software Magazine: Games in Captivity: Liberation, Emulation, and Abandonware

[ Thanks to Tony Mobily
for this link. ]

“For those of us who grew up in the 80s, playing games in
arcades or on our computers and game consoles was a major part of
our childhoods, and we often have the nostalgic desire to replay
those beloved titles. Others not only want to play, but have
dedicated their scholarly attention to the study and preservation
of videogame history. Sometimes companies who own the copyright to
these games are able to repackage them and make them available on
the shelf; there are countless ‘Games in a Stick’ mini-consoles and
plenty of ‘Arcade Classic’ compilations for the PC and modern
consoles. Unfortunately, only the most popular and well-known
classic games from the biggest companies are available. Sure you
can play Ms. Pac-Man, but what if you’re looking for Paul Norman’s
Forbidden Forest or Bill Hogue’s Miner 2049er? While many such
games are impossible to find at stores, emulation enthusiasts have
made them available for download from the web…”

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