Free Software Magazine: The Day My Father Blew Himself Up

[ Thanks to Dave Guard for this
link. ]

“The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the visible front of the
current standards battle royale: in this corner, at 220 pounds,
Open Document Format (ODF)! In the other corner, the 800 pound
gorilla, Microsoft Office 12 XML format! Hopefully, we won’t get
caught in the explosion.

“I was four years old the day of the explosion. I’d like to say
I remember it well, but I don’t; I don’t remember my mother’s fear,
or the excitement or terror. Sometimes I think I remember my
father’s absence, or staying with Grandpa while Dad was away, but I
can’t be sure of those memories. The older I get, the surer I am I
invented a lot of my own history…”

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