Freehackers.org: Impressions on MFC vs Qt Programming

“This article does not pretend to be objective. It is just a
report of my personal experience. I do not address every good and
bad point of Qt or MFC. The fact that I knew Qt programming before
starting MFC programming might alter my objectiveness.

“This article is written from a pragmatic point of view: My boss
gives me the specification of the applications he wants and I
develop them. I have developed some with Qt, and some other with

“The Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) is a graphical toolkit for
the windows operating system. It is a more or less object oriented
wrapper of the win32 API, which causes the API to be sometimes C,
sometimes C++, and usually an awful mix.

“Qt is a graphical C++ toolkit started around 94 by Trolltech
(www.trolltech.com). It runs on Windows (any version), Mac OS X,
any Unix and on embedded devices such as the Sharp Zaurus. Qt is
clearly and cleanly object oriented…”

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