GA-Source: Creative Labs to Embrace the Open Source Philosophy

[ Thanks to Johan Persson for
this link. ]

“Creative Labs has sent word that they have decided to embrace
the open source philosophy for their Sound Blaster Live drivers.
They have decided to branch their code tree for the SB-Live into 2
dedicated sets of drivers. One set will be for Linux / Unix and be
opensource, while the other will be for Windows, BeOS, Linux, and
Mac (binaries only). They hope that by doing this they will be
serving their users best.”

Jacob Hawley, Director of Custom Engineering, sends word
that they are planning to get their CVS / Bugzilla server up by
early next week, and would like to take this opportunity to ask the
Linux community to help them make the opensource driver
Creative Labs plan to maintain this effort through
Bugzilla to help track bugs, post status reports and to post
requests for work.”