GIMP 1.1.0 released

1.1.0 is the first in a series of development versions.
This means that you shouldn’t expect too much from it.

  • It may not compile.
  • If it compiles, it may not link.
  • If it links, it may not run.
  • If it runs, it may crash immediately.
  • If it doesn’t crash immediately, it may not actually do useful
    things like load and save files, run plugins, etc.

In short, don’t hurt yourself with unreasonably high
expectations from the development versions. They are mainly
intended as a platform for adding new, experimental features that
may cause serious instability. Bug reports are best accompanied
with a detailed explanation of what’s happening and a patch to fix
the problem. 🙂

That being said, you may find that trying the development
version is worthwhile. It offers some interesting improvements over
version 1.0 (when it works, that is), and it is an ideal place to
start if you feel like adding new features or contributing ideas.
For some info about what’s new, see Sven’s

If you’d like to discuss the new version, a good place would be
the gimp-developer mailing list. You can find information about
subscribing to this list at www.gimp.org.
Additionally, there is a GIMP newsgroup for general GIMP
questions and discussion.

GIMP 1.1.0

Have fun and happy GIMPing! 🙂