GNOME Summary for 2002-02-03 – 2002-02-16

Subject: GNOME Summary for 2002-02-03 - 2002-02-16
From: Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller 
Date: 19 Feb 2002 22:45:01 +0100

This is the GNOME Summary for 2002-02-03 - 2002-02-16
Table of Contents

1. Interview With Daniel Veillard
2. Gnopher 0.2
3. GNOME 2 porting progress
4. GNOME 2 bughunting days
5. GNOME Foundation Board meeting minutes
6. Scaleable Gorilla SVG theme
7. GNOME on FreeBSD or Slackware?
8. Translated GNOME summaries
9. Hacker Activity
10. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity
11. New and Updated Software

1. Interview With Daniel Veillard

Daniel Veillard is the maintainer for the highly popular libxml1,
libxml2 and libxslt libraries. He is also serving on the GNOME
Foundation board which he was re-elected to not long ago. So be sure to
check out this interview with one of the most central and important
GNOME developers.


2. Gnopher 0.2

Gnopher was released this week, a gopher viewer for Nautilus. Paired
with the nntp support Andy Hertzfeldt made I think Nautilus now supports
most of the important protocols out there. So if you want to surf gopher
pages in style get it now.


3. GNOME 2 porting progress

The porting process to GNOME 2 seems to have gotten wings lately. Work
is well underway on many of the major applications and both Gnumeric and
Pan is reported to be compiling on the GNOME 2 plattform now.
Christopher Blizzard have almost completet porting Mozilla and
gtkmozembed to GTK2 so Galeon for GNOME 2 can now soon be released. Link
to Mozilla bugzilla tracking GTK+ 2 port of gtkmozembed below. 
Bastien Nocera reports to have ported gnome-vfs-extras to GNOME 2, which
means you will still be able to access smd shares and access your Rio500
from Nautilus.


4. GNOME 2 bughunting days

Starting this Thursday, #bugs on irc.gnome.org/ will be hosting bugday
from 9AM EST to 9PM EST. This will be a weekly event until GNOME2 is
bugfree... hopefully not very long  [;)] We hope to see a lot of people
in #bugs- you don't have to be a hacker or even a GNOME2 user to make
GNOME2 better; you just have to have some free time, a bit of patience,
and a helping of common sense.

If you'd like to help out, but can't on Thursday, we invite folks to
visit #bugs at any time, gnome-bugsquad@gnome.org, or
check out our triage page for information on how to help out
as we make the bugzilla useful for GNOME2.

In more general news, bugzilla.gnome.org/ has also been undergoing some
revamping. There are links from the front page, but most of the focus
has been on our reports page as linked to below. Wayne Schuller
deserves a ton of credit for writing a lot of those. 

Anyone who is thinking about using bugzilla, either as a developer or
bug-hunter, should read and think about the new, more consistent
meanings of severity and priority.Using these consistently all around
the bugzilla will make bugzilla a much better tool for everyone in the
GNOME community.

Also thanks to the great work of Wayne Schuller we will from now on have
statistics of the latest changes in the GNOME bugzilla in the same way
that we have had CVS stats. 


5. GNOME Foundation Board meeting minutes

The GNOME Foundation has had another board meeting. Topics was GUADEC
guest speakers, and the topics they always discuss. 

6. Scaleable Gorilla SVG theme

The long avaited SVG theme for Nautilus is now available. It is called 
Scaleable Gorilla, and features many wonderfull icons in SVG format. For
those who don't know, SVG is a vektor graphics format, so unlike bitmats
these icons will look good even if you increase the size of the icons
tenfold. They are a little slow to resize in current versions of
Nautilus, but Alex Larsson of Red Hat and Michael Meeks of Ximian are
working on optimizing the rsvg library, in order to speed up rendering
when resizing etc. Link below to Jimmacs theme page and some nice


7. GNOME on FreeBSD or Slackware?

For those of you using or interested in using GNOME on either FreeBSD or
on Slackware, more help is now available. The FreeBSD community has set
up a site dedicated to using GNOME on FreeBSD. For people using
Slackware we now have a new mailing list for people using GNOME on


8. Translated GNOME summaries

As always we have translations of the GNOME summaries available. So
linked below are French translation, Spanish translation and Hungarian
translation. If there are other translations available please let us


9. Hacker Activity

Thanks for Paul Warren for these lists.

Most active modules:
 75 evolution
 69 galeon
 64 gtk+
 63 gnome-applets
 62 gnome-games
 57 gimp
 46 gnome-core
 45 SashXB
 43 gnumeric
 35 gnome-panel
 32 gnome-media
 29 gcompris
 29 gnome-control-center
 28 gnomemeeting
 27 SashComponents
 27 gtranslator
 27 libgnomeui
 26 gnomeicu
 24 metacity
 22 profterm
[121 active modules omitted]

Most active hackers:
 136 kmaraas
 66 pablo
 45 mmclouglin
 33 andersca
 32 fejj
 30 darin
 30 veillard
 30 jcorwin
 29 hp
 28 jody
 27 michael
 25 erat
 24 chema
 24 hestgray
 24 rodo
 24 jberkman
 23 kabalak
 22 wing
 22 toivo
 21 mpeseng
[141 active hackers omitted]

10. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity

This information is from http://bugzilla.gnome.org, which hosts bug and
feature reports for most of the Gnome modules. If you would like to join
the bug hunt, subscribe to the gnome-bugsquad mailing list.

Currently open: 6668 (In the last week: New: +695 Resolved: -968)

Modules with the most open bugs (excluding enhancement requests): 

  nautilus: 1253 (In the last week: New: +30  Resolved: -39)
  gnome-core: 531 (In the last week: New: +84  Resolved: -214)
  gtk+: 356 (In the last week: New: +38  Resolved: -39)
  gnome-applets: 236 (In the last week: New: +25  Resolved: -104)
  gnome-vfs: 236 (In the last week: New: +5  Resolved: -4)
  gnome-pilot: 201 (In the last week: New: +12  Resolved: -1)
  galeon: 183 (In the last week: New: +147  Resolved: -136)
  sawfish: 180 (In the last week: New: +6  Resolved: -12)
  gnome-pim: 167 (In the last week: New: +2  Resolved: -45)
  gphoto: 125 (In the last week: New: +4  Resolved: -0)
  medusa: 125 (In the last week: New: +0  Resolved: -0)
  gmc: 121 (In the last week: New: +6  Resolved: -2)
  GIMP: 109 (In the last week: New: +13  Resolved: -60)
  balsa: 106 (In the last week: New: +18  Resolved: -9)
  Pan: 97 (In the last week: New: +28  Resolved: -2)
Gnome Bugzilla users who resolved or closed the most bugs: 
  louie@ximian.com: 447 bugs closed.
  yaneti@declera.com: 102 bugs closed.
  quinet@gamers.org: 48 bugs closed.
  srittau@jroger.in-berlin.de: 44 bugs closed.
  daniel@veillard.com: 35 bugs closed.
  otaylor@redhat.com: 30 bugs closed.
  hp@redhat.com: 25 bugs closed.
  kmaraas@gnome.org: 21 bugs closed.
  jfleck@inkstain.net: 20 bugs closed.
  mark@skynet.ie: 19 bugs closed.
  andersca@gnu.org: 18 bugs closed.
  mpeseng@tin.it: 16 bugs closed.
  menesis@delfi.lt: 12 bugs closed.
  dan_erat@pobox.com: 11 bugs closed.
  dsandras@seconix.com: 10 bugs closed.
11. New and Updated Software

gCASL  - CASL - COMET Assembly Language
Firestarter  - Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for Linux
GNet  - A simple network library built onto of GLib.
gxsm  - Graphical interface for any kind of 2D data aquisitation method
Moleskine  - Moleskine is a source code editor
Guikachu  - Graphical editing of resource files for PalmOS-based pocket 
gnome-media  - Contains the Gnome-CD CD player, CDDBSlave2, gmix,
grecord and vumeter.
paps  - A program for printing utf8-files through pango/ft2.
conc  - Conc is a serial console concentrator package
gEuCo  - gEuCo stands for gnome Euro Conversor.
Anjuta  - Versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
gdkxft  - Provides anti-aliased fonts to the gnome desktop.
ijbapplet  - Drag urls onto the applet to add them to your Junkbuster
glame  - The GIMP for audio processing.
gmmusic  - A Gnomified music collection database.
gimp  - World Champion Graphics package.
The Sushi Project  - A suite to play a pen-and-paper game across the
gcompris  - GCompris is a simple education game.
Adimeal  - Adimeal is a recipe manager system.
Bluefish  - Bluefish is a programmer`s HTML editor
Coriander  - Coriander is a GUI for IIDC compliant, IEEE1394 Digital
Metacity  - Metacity is a window manager based on GTK+ 2.0
gnopher  - Gnopher is Gopher for GNOME. Now fully integrated with
Nautilus, for your viewing pleasure.
Procman  - GNOME process viewer and system monitor.
pyFind  - pyFind is a Find File utility.
rubrica  - Rubrica is an addressbook.
gEuro  - euro converter for all the currencies taking part in the euro
monetary unit
Pan  - Pan is a newsreader
Gil  - Gil(GTK ISDN Launcher)
Vget  - Vget is a network download tool.
euler  - Quicky and interactvely computing with real and complex numbers
and matrices.
Balsa  - Balsa is an email client.
gnect  - four in a row game with a computer player
GSwitchIt  - Xkb state indicator for the panel
galeon  - Web browser based on Gecko.
GStreamer  - Streaming multimedia library and development framework.
gLabels  - Lightweight program for creating labels and business cards.

For more information on these packages visit the GNOME Software map: 

Well as everyone is busy porting to GNOME 2 and writing their GUADEC
papers there is little news to report this week. Unless you want us to
start reporting on 500k of lines commited to CVS etc. :)

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