GNOME Summary for December 15, 1999 – January 3, 2000

Date: 03 Jan 2000 17:57:30 -0500
From: Havoc Pennington [email protected]
To: [email protected], [email protected]

This is the GNOME Summary for December 15, 1999 – January 3, 2000,
covering a long period of summary-maintainer-vacation. This summary
lists over 50 new and updated applications.

Table of Contents

1) Miguel wins “Innovator of the Year”
2) Linux Journal article
3) Developer interview
4) Packaging volunteers needed
5) GNOME frontend for Logo programming language
6) Balsa release
7) BEAST/BSE release
8) New Dia
9) CTWM support
10) New libxml
11) Experimental C++ wrapper, Sugar
12) Hacking Activity
13) New and Updated Software

1) Miguel wins “Innovator of the Year”

Miguel was previously named one of the Technology Review Top 100
Young Innovators of the Year, but now he’s been named _the_ Number
One Young Innovator of the Year. See the article here:


news.gnome.org article is here, if you want to post comments,


2) Linux Journal article

Some GNOME hackers (George, Elliot, Miguel) wrote up an article
about GNOME and future plans for Linux Journal; it’s now made its
way online:


3) Developer interview

Ali Abdin did an email interview with many GNOME developers,
posted here:


About a week later he posted more responses from some
late-replying developers:


4) Packaging volunteers needed

We need volunteers for keeping GNOME packages up-to-date. Debian
and Red Hat packages have official maintainers (though both could
maybe use volunteer help, if you mail them); most of the other
distributions, as well as non-Linux distributions (*BSD, Solaris)
need volunteers.

To work on GNOME packaging, sign up for the gnome-packaging-list
mailing list; you might have a look at the list archives as


5) GNOME frontend for Logo programming language

Use GNOME to write Logo code! Fun and educational!

Seriously, this is a nice program for schools and such. Have a


6) Balsa release

The long-quiet Balsa project made a release:


Looking nice!

7) BEAST/BSE release

A sound synthesis engine and GUI from GTK+ co-maintainer Tim
Janik. If nothing else, an authoritative source of Correct GTK+
Programming examples. 🙂 Personally I can’t make heads or tails of
all these dials and buttons, but lots of people who know about
sound have been giving rave reviews. Read about it here:


Quick screenshot link:


8) New Dia

James announced a new Dia release:


9) CTWM support

We have GNOME patches for the CTWM window manager:


Increasingly hard to think of a WM _without_ GNOME hints

10) New libxml

New version of libxml, with better C++ compatibility and an
improved HTML parsing module.


11) Experimental C++ wrapper, Sugar

I made a lightweight C++ wrapper prototype called Sugar (well,
this is sort of a second prototype; the first one was done by hand,
this one is script-generated). See announce here:


Feedback requested (please read the mailing list thread and the
Sugar README first though).

12) Hacking Activity

Module Score-O-Matic: (number of CVS commits per module, since
the last summary)

132 gimp
98 gnumeric
80 gnome-db
78 nautilus
68 libgtop
60 balsa
55 gtk–
51 gnome-core
49 gtkhtml
46 galway
46 beast
40 gnomeicu
37 gnome-libs
33 dr-genius
24 gnome-pim
24 eider
24 dia
23 gnome-vfs
21 eears
20 achtung
19 mc
18 gob
17 gxsnmp
16 evolution

User Score-O-Matic: (number of CVS commits per user, since the
last summary)

79 martin
76 rodrigo
58 arios
54 hp
53 timj
48 jirka
45 unammx
43 mmeeks
42 sopwith
41 kenelson
36 neo
32 kmaraas
31 rasta
31 ettore
30 jwise
30 cactus
27 jody
26 kabalak
22 nilsb
22 jrb
21 jamesh
19 mathieu
19 darin
18 mitch
18 jesusb
17 peterw
17 mback
16 sullivan
15 yasuhiro
15 pcg
15 jpr
15 jborg
15 cwryu

13) New and Updated Software

Over 50 new software releases since the last summary!

screem – website editor
gnome-tcl – Tcl binding for GTK/GNOME
CORBA::ORBit – Perl bindings for CORBA (via ORBit, the GNOME
gvoc – vocabulary trainer
GNOME Particle Simulator – simulates particles
GnomePM – portfolio manager
Gnofract 4D – fractal generator
gBackground – changes window background
gob – GtkObject generation language
Oregano – circuit simulator
BEAST/BSE – sound engine and synthesizer GUI
vsa – displays cool graphs based on your sound output
SodiPodi – vector graphics program
Gnome ReadNews – yet another news client
graphtool – generate graphs and plots
gbox_applet – mailbox watcher
MonitorSensors – displays sensor data from lm_sensors
GPPP-dialer – PPP dialer app
Everybuddy – universal instant messaging client
gecco – GNOME extensible configuration console
PuzzleSquare – numbers game
gLife – game of Life
URL Collector – stores URLs
efx – xmms effect plugin loader for esound
RadioActive – video4Linux interface
Panel– – C++ wrapper for panel applet lib
groach – return of xroach
GuiSlp – Stampede package manager
gMiniCppEnvironment – mini-IDE
Finder – Mac-style finder bar
GIP – GNOME install project
dia – tool for drawing diagrams
gnuTaxes – tax preparation application
GMatH – math environment
CCView – C++ project browser
GTransferManager – retrieve multiple files from the web
Gnome Darxite Client – Darxite client
GTetrinet – clone of Windows game Tetrinet
TimeClock – time clock program
GNOME Transcript – database client
Eucalyptus – Email client
VDKBuilder – GTK/GNOME RAD tool, in tradition of Delphi
GtkExText – enhanced text widget
gtkdiff – diff frontend
gnome-db – GNOME database library and widgets
Balsa – mail client
irssi – IRC client
ORBit-CPP – C++ bindings for ORBit
sawmill – nice window manager
m3gtk – Modula 3 bindings for GTK
GnomeICU – ICQ client
Sarah – simple file manager
GnomeHack – GUI for nethack (works great!)
gnome-8ball – magic 8 ball applet
CD changer applet – for your CD jukebox
gFTP – ftp client
galway – web page editor
gIPSC – subnet calculator

Gnumeric was released but not updated on the software map.

See the software map on www.gnome.org (or Freshmeat) for more
information about any of these packages.

Until next week –