GNOME Summary for January 3-12, 2000

Date: 12 Jan 2000 16:44:39 -0500
From: Havoc Pennington [email protected]
To: [email protected], [email protected]

This is the GNOME Summary for January 3-12, 2000.

Table of Contents

2) Gtk– Enters Freeze
3) GNOME PixPacks
4) Evolution Updates from Helix Code
5) GnomeICU Release
6) Mnemonic Release
7) Barnes and Noble talk reminder
8) Hacking Activity
9) New and Updated Software


The big news of the week was the announcement of GUADEC, the
GNOME Users and Developers European Conference in Paris, France
this March. GUADEC will be the first international conference
dedicated entirely to GNOME, and almost all the GNOME core
developers will be there. Part of the time the GNOME developers
will discuss the future of GNOME among themselves; there are also
sessions for commercial software developers to learn about the
GNOME libraries, and for users to learn about the GNOME user

GUADEC is kindly sponsored by Telecom Paris, Helix Code, Red
Hat, SuSE, LinuxCare, AFUL, ACT Europe, and MandrakeSoft. Students
at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des
Télécommunications (ENST) are organizing the
conference. Thanks to all of these organizations for supporting

Read more about it here:

2) Gtk– Enters Freeze

The Gtk– C++ wrapper has entered a freeze in preparation for a
new stable release. The latest version has much, much lower
overhead than the 1.0 release, and is a very thorough wrapper; C
data types are converted to STL-style types, for example. An
advantage of Gtk– is that it uses standard C++ features such as
the STL and the string class, so there’s no need to have
toolkit-dependent code in non-GUI portions of the application.
Gtk– also offers typesafe signals via Karl Nelson’s libsigc++, and
allows you to write new widgets via C++ inheritance. Finally Gtk–
is a complete compiler torture suite that has resulted in several
bug reports to the egcs maintainers. 🙂

Read the full announcement here:

3) GNOME PixPacks

A new site showed up this week that archives some collections of
images to enhance your GNOME desktop. The first collection contains
nice panel backgrounds collected by GNOME documenter and
user-support guru Telsa Gwynne.


4) Evolution Updates from Helix Code

Some of the Helix Code hackers sent in progress reports on
Evolution (the mail client and calendar application, similar to

Bertrand is working on the mail backend (called Camel); they
already have an MH backend and are currently working on mbox.
Bertrand promises the mbox backend will support Netscape and pine
variants of the format, “and be fast as hell too :)”.

Chris Lahey has been writing the minicard view for the contact
list (I guess if you have Outlook you can visualize this

I know Ettore has been doing work on GtkHTML for the message
displayer and composer.

Michael Zucchi has some cool screenshots and sample printouts on
his diary page:


This is printing suport for gnomecal, to be merged into

There are also several impressive widgets you can get working
from CVS if you try hard enough: the shortcut panel, a complicated
scheduling display, and the ETable table widget. These are all
pretty snazzy.

As I understand it the eventual plan is to glue all the
components together with Python.

5) GnomeICU Release

Jeremy Wise announced a new GnomeICU release:


This release is “nearly uncrashable” and works great!

6) Mnemonic Release

The long-silent Mnemonic project has made a release, read about
it here:


7) Barnes and Noble talk reminder

Tonight! 7:30. Cary, North Carolina.


8) Hacking Activity

Module Score-O-Matic: (number of CVS commits per module, since
the last summary)

92 gimp
89 nautilus
88 gnomeicu
61 guppi3
57 gnumeric
51 gtk–
49 gnome-libs
40 gnome-core
29 libgtop
27 evolution
26 gip
23 gnome-pilot
22 gphoto
20 galway
19 gdk-pixbuf
19 gconf
16 mooonsooon
15 gob
14 gnome-pim
14 gb
14 dr-genius

User Score-O-Matic: (number of CVS commits per user, since the
last summary)

71 jwise
61 trow
55 kmaraas
50 rasta
44 jirka
42 sopwith
40 kenelson
36 hp
35 unammx
33 ahyden
32 martin
29 darin
29 arios
27 neo
21 sullivan
20 mstachow
20 mmeeks
20 jody
19 pablo
19 eskil
18 sipan
17 martijn
16 campd

9) New and Updated Software

See the software map on www.gnome.org (or Freshmeat) for more
information about any of these packages.

Until next week –