GNOME Summary, July 25 – August 1

Havoc Pennington sent this to the gnome-announce mailing

This is the GNOME Summary for July 25-August 1. It summarizes
development activity and news.

Table of Contents

  1. Jim Cape heads usability-tuning initiative
  2. GNOME 1.0.50 planned
  3. Fix the Window Manager
  4. gnome-libs and gnome-utils 1.0.12
  5. Realtime CVS tracking
  6. Hacking Activity
  7. New and Updated Software


1) Jim Cape heads usability-tuning initiative


Miguel posted to gnome-list, requesting a volunteer to compile
user comments on GNOME usability and transform them into
suggestions for enhancing the GNOME desktop and applications. Jim
Cape <[email protected]> signed up, so he’s the

Discussion of this topic should go to [email protected]
Please, keep it focused on incremental enhancements to the existing
codebase. Radical redesigns of the user experience are only welcome
if accompanied by multiple hackers ready to do the work.

Here’s Miguel’s post:


James Cape has a preliminary web site:



2) GNOME 1.0.50 planned


We’re about ready to move on to the next major revision of
GNOME; but before doing that, we’d like to be sure the stable 1.0.x
series is 100% the way we’d like it to be. So we’re pushing for
1.0.50 over the next month or so.

Once that’s out, we’ll be moving on to GNOME 1.2 or 2.0 or
whatever we decide to call it. We have lots of cool things ready to
fold in as soon as we fork gnome-libs into stable and unstable
branches. Expect a detailed roadmap soon.

Elliot announced the 1.0.50 plan:



3) Fix the Window Manager


Dr. Mike posted to say that we probably need a GNOME window
manager that “matches” GNOME and integrates with it extremely well.
Users shouldn’t have to see the word “Window Manager.” This seems
to be a growing consensus; read Dr. Mike’s post here:


GNOME will continue to work with all window managers, but we
want to provide a nice default that gives the user a truly seamless
experience. If hackers don’t care about mismatched themes and the
like, they’re free to use any WM that implements the GNOME/KDE WM

Now all we need is someone willing to hack on this window
manager. It’s perhaps hard to find someone, since the express
purpose of the WM is to blend into GNOME and be user-invisible, so
it’s not a glamorous job. But it would improve GNOME enormously.
There are several people who’ve been working on a GNOME WM of one
kind or another, but no one has emerged with the definitive hunk of
working code.


4) gnome-libs and gnome-utils 1.0.12


New releases of these two, see the main GNOME site for



5) Realtime CVS tracking


For those who haven’t seen it, GNOME Bonsai now has a page
listing CVS commits in the last two hours. A fun way to monitor the
GNOME development action:



6) Hacking Activity


Module Score-O-Matic:

58 gimp
56 gnumeric
54 gtk–
33 gnome-libs
31 gnome-applets
28 bonobo
25 gnome-core
23 dryad
21 gnome-pilot
19 gnome-pim
15 gxsnmp
14 gconf
13 libgtop
11 gnome-utils
11 gnome-filer
11 gnome-chess
11 ORBit
10 libglade
10 gnomeicu
10 control-center
9 mc
8 libunicode
8 gmf

User Score-O-Matic:

78 sopwith
36 kenelson
33 unammx
33 martin
22 mmeeks
21 jody
20 kmaraas
17 jrb
16 sipan
16 pcg
16 jamesh
15 vinc
15 hp
14 jberkman
13 teichman
13 dcm
12 tromey
12 stric
11 yosh
11 tonyt
11 pablo

Elliot dominates everyone by a factor of two – I think he
changed every spec file in CVS or something like that. 🙂 I know
he also did a lot of cleanup and bugfixing.

Gtk– is really under heavy development, and has been for a long
time; Karl Nelson’s libsigc++ is making it a really nice
development framework for C++ applications. Check this out.


7) New and Updated Software


  • GameStalker
  • Gnomba
  • Xwhois
  • gproc
  • GSokoban
  • vsa
  • GFile
  • GNotes!
  • Pybliographer
  • Pharmacy
  • GPeriodic
  • gaddr
  • Giram
  • POP Checker
  • libefs
  • gcad
  • gaspell
  • gx10
  • BMUD
  • Gaim
  • Gears
  • IglooFTP
  • mosquito
  • gvsy
  • GSnes9x

There were more software releases last week, but a good bit more
CVS commits this week. So go figure.


Until next week –